Precision Analog Systems Case Studies

blue shining fiber optic

Analog to digital card with high channel count transimpedance amplifier

A telephony customer uses PAS 9739/AI photo detector input cards to tune their state of the art fiber optic switch. Any of the 500 input channels can be mapped to any of the 500 output channels using MEMS micro mirrors. Operators tune the switches by applying a light source signal to one input and adjusting the control voltage to the micro mirrors until the output signal is maximized. This single 9U VME card provides three advanced functions: fiber optic detectors, transimpedance amplifiers and analog to digital converters. This creates a complete solution for monitoring and maximizing the optical output signals. At the time of their development, these switches provided the highest bandwidth and switching capability in the industry. They now comprise an important part of our national fiber optic infrastructure.

160 channel VME digital I/O card and cabinet monitor module

Military aircraft are tested on the fight line with a system that employs two PAS products. The PAS 9796/DIO, 160 channel digital I/O card is used to stimulate and monitor digital signals from the aircraft. This card provides very high channel count for a single VME slot. The card is built with industrial grade components and is conformal coated to withstand the flight line environment. The PAS 9510/MON monitoring module measures the equipment cabinet temperature and ensures the cooling fans are operational.


Unfinished automobiles in a car plant

16 channel VME change of state input and 16 channel VME time to edge pattern generator cards

A major American automotive manufacturer employs two PAS products in a system to develop and test engine control modules (ECM). The PAS 9740/DO time to edge card generates high accuracy pulse trains on its 16 output channels and is used to simulate signals such as crankshaft position sensors. The PAS 9760/DI change of state input card monitors signals from the ECM that control transducers such as fuel injectors on the real engine. This system simulates the engine and allows the ECM algorithms to be optimized before controlling a real engine. These two cards generate and monitor pulses with one micro-second accuracy during the entire ECM development cycle, which was an order of magnitude better than other available pulse and time measurement systems.

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