January 17th, 2018

Analog Output Boards And Services

Do you need analog output cards for your business? At Precision Analog Systems, we offer a full range of custom analog output boards and amplifier cards. In fact, we are a global supplier of 9416 and 9418 amp cards, along with waveform generator cards and accessories. All products are tested and have passed stringent guidelines and requirements. Our custom output boards can easily be modified to meet your specific needs. They can also be enhanced to correlate with your existing system and…


November 29th, 2017

Output Amplifier Cards

Do you need signal conditioning amplifiers or I/O boards? At Precision Analog Systems, we feature a full range of output amplifier cards for all your needs. The PAS 9416/AO and PAS 9418/AO amplifiers work in combination with our VME based analog output cards to provide high current and high voltage analog output subsystems. Amplifiers The PAS 9416/AO amplifier provides 16 channels of amplification and offset voltage with up to +/- 35 Volts of output voltage and 20 mA of output current….