June 13th, 2018

Custom engineering services make it possible for companies to get the perfect signal conditioners and other resources for all their projects. Do you need analog input cards? If so, then Precision Analog Systems is the company to connect with. We offer a vast range of ready-made and custom signal conditioning solutions as well as VME I/O boards, and amplifiers. Our extensive experience in this niche has given us the skills and abilities to tackle jobs of all magnitudes and specifications.

We maintain an impressive list of satisfied and returning clients that count on us for rapid delivery, competitive pricing, and overall flexibility. No matter how complex or challenging your needs may be, we are guaranteed to rise to the occasion. Our goal is to assist all of our clients with timely and effective solutions and at an affordable cost.

As a woman-owned business, Precision Analog has certainly made a name for itself within the custom engineering field. Both private companies and government agencies trust us with their important projects. We also have a variety of products that we’ve sold to various military contractors and that is now being used in various military operations.

System integrators and test facilities have relied on us since 1990 due to our incredible, standard line of signal conditioning amplifier and I/O cards. We manufacture designs based on VME bus, remote serial I/O and PCI bus. All of these pre-designed products can also be easily modified to suit the needs of the individual contractor or company. This allows for seamless and rapid delivery of essential items for customers that have urgent needs.

Our method of operating has also allowed us to maintain competitive prices throughout the years. Thus, we are happy to bid your project, even if you’re working with a nominal budget and a tight deadline. It is this level of flexibility that has made us so popular within our niche. With a diverse range of existing designs available, it doesn’t take us long at all to streamline our products for meeting unique project requirements.

Call 954-587-0668 today for a free estimate! We can help you find the perfect solution for your project. Best of all, we’ll work with you to ensure that you have the materials you need on schedule, and at a price that fits your spending goals. We have our GSA schedule and are actively seeking new opportunities with government agencies and military contractors.