January 17th, 2018

Do you need analog output cards for your business? At Precision Analog Systems, we offer a full range of custom analog output boards and amplifier cards. In fact, we are a global supplier of 9416 and 9418 amp cards, along with waveform generator cards and accessories.

All products are tested and have passed stringent guidelines and requirements. Our custom output boards can easily be modified to meet your specific needs. They can also be enhanced to correlate with your existing system and testing requirements.

Precision Analog Systems provides a full range of VME based analog output cards. These cards provide resolutions of twelve to sixteen bits, channel counts of 8 to 32 channels and current or voltage outputs. We also showcase the best in VME designs for optimal convenience. This includes our signature PCI Express services, along with shelf products and accessories. From 16-bit analog and output cards to digital I/O with 160 channels, our products are guaranteed to achieve all your desired results.

The PAS 9716/AO and 9816/AO cards both provide 16 channels of analog outputs with 16-bit resolution and +/- 10 Volt output range. The two cards use different Digital to Analog Converters, (DACs) to provide the analog outputs. Complete specifications are available to help you select the card that best fits your application. Three different linearity grades of the DACs are available on both cards. Each channel provides individual gain and offset adjustments to provide the highest accuracy. The analog output signals are provided on a DB37 connector mounted at the cards front panel. Two digital output signals and two status LEDs are also available at the front panel.

The PAS 9717/AO provides eight high power analog output channels with sixteen-bit resolution on a 6U VME card. Each channel consists of a high-speed DAC followed by a high power operational amplifier. The output amplifiers are can supply 50 milliamps of output current, and will accept power supply voltages up to +/- 100 Volts. The output channels and the external power supply connections can be terminated on the P2 connector of the VME backplane. A DB37 connector mounted through the front panel is available as an option for terminating the output and power supply signals.

The PAS 9819/AO provides four isolated, programmable current output channels with sixteen-bit resolution. Each channel consists of a high-speed DAC followed by a high power operational amplifier. The output amplifier is configured to provide an output current that is proportional to the output voltage from the DAC. The output current range is +/- 40 milliamps. Each channel is electrically isolated from system ground and from each other. Separate +/- 30 Volt isolated power supplies are provided for each channel. Digital data and control signals for each DAC channel are transmitted through digital isolators to keep the two sides electrically separated.

The PAS 9715/AO provides 32 channels of analog outputs with 12-bit resolution and +/- 10 Volt output range.

Our modification ready products are pre-designed to meet your needs. This includes the latest in VME boards and amp cards, along with a huge inventory of previously stocked and older items. All items are ready for production, enhancements and modification.

Our expert engineers and technicians are committed to excellence in all services. In fact, they keep a strong eye on all details, and will fulfill your orders without any problems or issues. Whether for large industries or new commercial ventures, our products are designed to seamlessly blend in with your existing applications and hardware.

If looking for real-time measurability for I/O signals, you have come to the right place. We can easily modify you signal conditioning cards to reflect actual voltage range and data. The latter is essential for control systems monitoring and assessment. Similarly, our output amp cards can boost precise and concise signals from these sources. This means you get stronger drive capabilities, along with more power to harness real time signals for testing and digital processing.

If you don’t see exactly what you want, we can customize these cards to fit your application, or build you a completely new custom card. Call 954-587-0668 today to order our products for your business!